LeSean McCoy explains 20-cent tip

He admits he left a 20 cent tip at a Philadelphia burger place, but now LeSean McCoy has come out to say why he left so little.

The Eagles running back said he left only 20 cents on an over $61 lunch tab at PYT because, as ESPN reported, he tips on service.  He continued by saying that the tip was a statement and that he would do the same thing in the same situation.

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ESPN quoted McCoy saying that "You can't disrespect somebody and expect them to tip you."

The restaurantwent public with the small tip earlier this week,  by posting the receipt it claimed was McCoy's on its Facebook page.

"I just thought it was pretty callous and insensitive," PYT owner Tommy Up told NBC10 in Philadelphia. "Twenty cents isn't an industry standard."

According to an article NBC10 posted, the waiter who claims he served McCoy and his friends said things didn’t go well, including making a mistake on their appetizer.

The waiter also told NBC10 McCoy and his party acted rude toward him.

PYT has received a mixed reaction after posting the receipt on its Facebook page. Some people have commented that it was unprofessional on their part, while others sympathize with the server.