Jarrett takes anti-bullying campaign to State Capitol

Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett, an anti-bullying advocate, spoke to the State House of Representatives at the Georgia State Capitol on Tuesday.

He was invited by his representative Pam Dickerson.

“It was cool to be able to speak to the leaders of the state of Georgia,” Jarrett told the team’s website. “It was awesome to let them know what I have going on. I’m extremely thankfully to (Speaker David) Ralston and Ms. Dickerson for giving me the opportunity to speak to the House.”

Dickerson, who recently passed the End to Cyberbullying Act—also known as House Bill 131—has known Jarrett for many years. Jarrett, through Dickerson, has been working to curb bullying in Rockdale and Newton counties.

“It’s been an amazing connection,” Jarrett said. “I always had interest in doing work in the community, and with her having this platform and knowing me on that level, it was just a great partnership for me to be able to use as a platform to let everybody know what’s going on.”