Falcons quotes after Thursday’s victory over the Ravens

DAN QUINN, head coach

Opening statement

“It was good to see our run game get going tonight. I think on the first touchdown drive of 75 yards, 62 of the 75 came on the ground. I was pleased to see… from the line of scrimmage … getting our feet running. I thought Tevin (Coleman) had some nice runs in that. We saw the speed from him. One of the things defensively that we were really challenged on was on third downs. Tonight defensively they won 1 out of 11 so I was pleased from that standpoint with how we are looking on third down. From a special teams standpoint, it was great to see Hardy get loose on the 70-yarder. For (general manager) Thomas (Dimitroff) and I, the coaches and personnel staff, there are some tough days ahead for decision-making. There were some guys who just completely battled, not just tonight, but the whole (exhibition) season. There is a lot of gratitude from Thomas and I to the players for how willing they were to go for it. That was clearly at hand today.

On the offensive line’s blocking

“The runners did a good job of finding some creases and finding some space. We are still developing it in terms of the line of scrimmage and how we play. It was great to see them get going tonight. …we are looking for that balance offensively. We know that we have some weapons outside. How we can feature those guys and we can feature in the run game as well. We are going to keep battling and keep digging for it.”

On the play of Grady Jarrett

“I thought he was really disruptive, Grady was. I think he ended up with four tackles for loss and sack. We felt that disruption. We have really been wanting to see that. The movement that he made, he’s got real initial quickness of the ball. It was great to see him really battle for it. You could tell he was comfortable. He’s good the scheme down. It was great to see him have a night like he had tonight.”


On the run game

“It felt good to get some space out there with those runs. That is something that we’ve been focusing on. It felt good to get them runners some space and let them do what they do, especially going into the regular season.

On the line’s play overall

“We are going to watch the film and find out where we could have played better. It felt good to put together some plays where everybody is on the same page.”

On what it was like in the huddle

“Once you start getting a couple of them going, it motivates you and you want to get some more runs of them. Those guys, our running backs, they work real hard every week. We want to be able to get them some opportunities. “

TEVIN COLEMAN, Running back

On if he’s ready for the regular season

“I’ll definitely be ready to go. We have a couple more days, so I have a couple more days to get treatment to get myself ready. So, I’ll be ready to go next week.”

On first big NFL run

“It felt pretty good, we’ve been practicing hard, and in practice (running backs) coach (Bobby Turner) said it was going to be there, so I ran it hard and it was open.”

On how it felt to get the run game going

“It gives me a lot of confidence that I’m a good back and I can do this. I was nervous and put a lot of pressure on myself early on, but that run really settled me down.”

SEAN RENFREE, Quarterback

On the final roster

“It is obviously not in my hands, but I feel good about myself and the way I played, the preseason I had, and the game I had. I made some improvements every day. I know that is what coach is looking for, and that’s all I can do.”

GRADY JARRETT, defensive tackle

On the his sack

“That was a situation where they had to throw the ball, and I knew what the protection was before the play. Tyler Starr and I ran a really nice game off of it, and I came free.”