Falcons quotes after Friday’s loss to the Jets


Opening statement

“I just wanted to kind of connect on the game a little bit. We started strong in terms of building up to a 14-0 lead. We had a nice explosive play by Mooney to set it off. Big-time return by Devin (Hester). I think it was like 59 or 60 yards. There was some pressure early. From a special teams standpoint (punter Matt) Bosher had a big night. Some big hits as the punter tonight. He had some huge ones. The real story of the game came down to minus-3. If we are going to be about the ball, that’s a hard way to go. No turnovers for the defense and three giveaways offensively. That’s a hard way to go about it. We’re built on finishing. We start out with a 14-0 lead and then we get outscored by 30, the next 30 points. That was hard for us. Long way to go. It was a tough night for protection. A tough night on tackling. We’ll have a good week (of practice) and we’ll see how much we can improve.”

On the quick start by the offense

“It was Collin (Mooney) who really set it off with the long play. The 60-yarder. Then for those guys to go and finish. (Leonard) Hankerson to get a nice score. I was pleased with that in terms of the style and attitude with which we wanted to attack.”

On the play of Matt Ryan

“I think it’s that competitive fire that he has. He is always looking to see how he can improve. He’s just wanting to come and attack in all phases. He’s like that in practice. He has this mindset of going and wanting to attack. He’s really feeling it terms of his familiarity with the offense and he has the ownership of it.”

On the decision not to play running backs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman

“It was close. We took them through the pre-game to see where we could get to them. They are getting close, but they are not there yet. We are not going to put them back out there with a hamstring injury until they are really ready to go. We’re getting close, but we’re not there yet.”

On the dress rehearsal game

“We’re going to do some of our mock week in terms of the game-planning and the preparation that goes into it. The most important point is that we want to get a function of how our week is going to go.”

PAUL WORRILOW, Middle linebacker

On the defense’s play

“We started out pretty good. The energy was high. Everybody was running to the ball. We were able to get off on some third downs. There are always going to be some things that we can work on. We are just going to keep taking it steps.”

On the third exhibition game

“It’s another opportunity for us all to get out there and play for each other. It really doesn’t matter what game it is. We always come in like we’re going to play the whole time. The energy and the attitude has been awesome so far.”

On how good the defense could be

“It will be as good as the work that we put in. It’s going to be up to us. It comes down to just playing for each other. That’s when the intensity through camaraderie is a big deal. That will carry us.”

MATT RYAN, Quarterback

On the fast start

“Anytime that you have a big play, your chances of scoring go way up. We were kind of able to extend that drive. Make a couple of plays in the red zone and we were able to punch it in. The second one really comes down to a big special teams play by our punt return unit and Devin (Hester). You love a lot of times getting that short field. … it was a good start for us tonight. But across the board we’ve got a lot of areas where we need to get better.”

CHRIS CHESTER, Right guard

On the play of the offense

“It’s kind of tough in preseason. You’re not quite as cohesive as we’d like to be. We have pretty high standards. With that being said, we have come out fairly quick and put some points on the board right away. I think we are heading in the right direction.”


On his 60-yard reception

“That felt good, but it was really just the offense executing the way we do. It worked out and it turned into a big play.”

How did you get so open

“It was just me going through the line and getting into the flat. Matt made a great throw. That’s really what it came down to.”

RYAN SCHRAEDER, Right tackle

On the fast start

“On the first drive, for us to go out and go all the way down the field and be able to turn it into points was good. But we still have things to work on. Little things. But it felt pretty good.”

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