Falcons’ Julio Jones on Bears Marshall, Jeffery: ‘I don’t watch them’

Conversation about the NFL’s best wide receiver tandems usually includes the Falcons duo of Julio Jones and Roddy White as well as Bears teammates Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery.

Not surprisingly, Jones said he isn’t concerned about the comparison as the Falcons and Bears prepare to play on Sunday at the Georgia Dome. In fact, Jones said he hasn’t seen enough of Marshall and Jeffery to even make a comparison.

“I don’t watch them,” Jones said. “I never watch them. Everybody is always comparing me and Roddy to them and a lot of other duos in the league. But I don’t really watch other receivers at all. I just try to focus on my game and try to get better as a player.”

Jones leads the NFL with 40 catches, 552 yards and 12 receptions of at least 20 yards and also has three touchdowns. White has 16 catches for 213 yards and two touchdowns. Their combined numbers: 56 catches, 765 yards, and five touchdowns.

Marshall has 19 catches for 188 yards and is tied for third in the NFL with five touchdowns. Jeffery has 26 receptions for 359 yards and two touchdowns. Their combined numbers: 45 catches, 547 yards, seven touchdowns.

White said he’s been friends with Marshall since Marshall entered the league for the 2006 season.

“I always look at him and see what he’s doing and how he’s holding up,” White said. “He’s a real good player.”

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