Falcons end great season in historic Super Bowl 2017

The Atlanta Falcons won the nation's popular vote, but in the end it was the New England Patriots who took home the big prize.

Despite Atlanta's heartbreaking 34-28 loss to the team most of America loves to hate, the Falcons and their fans have plenty to be proud of.

It was the best season to be a Falcons fan in almost forever. And even though we lost the big game we lost it in historic, nail-biting, fashion.

Super Bowl 2017 did make history, and we're not talking about Lady Gaga's high-flying act. It was the first NFL championship game to go into overtime. It was also the biggest comeback in a Super Bowl history.

After the shock of losing subsides, Falcons fans have plenty to celebrate.

Congratulations for a hard-fought season were seen flying on Twitter.

The city of Atlanta said “We love our team. Congratulations to the @AtlantaFalcons on a great season. #RiseUp”

The team thanked its fans.

WSB-TV reporter Mike Petchinik said what was surely on a lot of Atlanta fans’ minds. “Congrats to the #Falcons on a heckuva season. Y'all made the #ATL proud. #Riseup,” he Tweeted.

Georgia has plenty to be proud of. If you don't believe me, ask Gov. Nathan Deal, who showed us all what good sportsmanship is about. "Congratulations to the Patriots on their win. @AtlantaFalcons had an incredible season & have the best fans in the league," said Deal, who now owes Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts a batch of Brunswick stew.

He’s right you know. It was an incredible and exciting season. And, as they’re fond of saying in Cleveland, there’s always next year.