3-year-old son of former Bulldog killed in accident

Running back Danny Ware played briefly for the Georgia Bulldogs.

A medical examiner confirmed the identification of a 3-year-old involved in a tragic accident over the weekend in Houston. He was son of a former Georgia football star Danny Ware.

Danny Josiah Ware, 3, was killed while riding his bicycle just a few feet away from his parents, according to reports.

“The child’s parent had been talking with an acquaintance, the driver of a pickup truck, who was stopped on the street, and unaware the child had rolled in front of the truck … as the driver slowly pulled away, the child was hit, said (a police spokesman), who added that the child died at the scene.”

Ware’s identify was confirmed Monday by an official from the Harris County (Texas) Institute of Forensic Sciences to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The elder Ware, originally from Polk County, Ga., played running back for the Bulldogs starting in 2003, leaving for the NFL his sophomore season. He last played in the NFL in 2012, after a six-year stint with four teams.

The elder Ware posted an emotional message on Facebook after the tragedy:

"My life has been a roller coaster in every since of the word. From high school to college to NFL. I've never had it easy nor have I ever forgotten where I come from. I pray the lord to give me a sign. I've lost my youngest son to a truck that didn't see him, I can't imagine what it felt like and would trade myself any day to have my son Danny Josiah back with his brother, sister and family. Danny I love I'm so thankful I got to talk to you today b4 the accident happened and we both got to say we loved each other. Anybody that know me and know how much I love my kids please pretty please pray for my family as I'm at a breaking point and need all the help from God/family/friends we can get."

fund assistant page has been set up by the young Ware's family.

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