WHAT THEY SAID: Georgia vs. Tennessee

“Depending on how you want to look at it, there were some really fantastic things that happened, probably on offense, defense, special teams, and you could sit there and say this was awesome. You could look at some (other) things and say that was awful. But the thing, I guess, that I take away from it the most was two teams that just played their tails off, two teams that at one time or another had some adversity.”

— Georgia coach Mark Richt

“Obviously, this was very disappointing. It’s about this football team understanding that it’s a game of inches. It’s a play here, a play there, and it’s an accumulating factor. … We have to continue to learn from this and then move on.”

— Tennessee coach Butch Jones

“I just got in a zone. I got tunnel vision and in a mindset where nothing else mattered except getting that victory. I wanted the ball, and our linemen just did a great job of opening up holes.”

— Georgia tailback Todd Gurley

“(Gurley) jumped right over that guy right in front of my face. I want to say right now: It was more spectacular than Knowshon (Moreno’s), I thought. I thought Knowshon’s defender got a little lower than this guy. I don’t how high Todd got on that thing. There’s probably a way to scientifically measure both. Maybe Knowshon’s was better, I don’t know, but it’s pretty impressive to see it right there in front of you. You just shake your head and go, ‘Wow.’”

— Richt on Gurley hurdling Tennessee safety Brian Randolph (Kell High) on a 26-yard run, a play reminiscent of former Georgia tailback Knowshon Moreno’s famous leap over a Central Michigan defender in 2008

“It was a bad exchange. I take full responsibility. That’s something that won’t happen again.”

— Tennessee running back Jalen Hurd on his late-game fumble in the end zone that Georgia’s Josh Dawson recovered for a touchdown

“It feels really good to get the first SEC win of the year, and hopefully we can use this to get the train rolling and get some more big wins along the way.”

— Georgia defensive back Aaron Davis

“We were trying to take some shots down the field; we just need to execute them. I had a few chances deep; Chris (Conley) had a few chances. I feel like a few tweaks here and a few tweaks there and we’ll get it going.”

— Georgia wide receiver Michael Bennett

“When a punter punts the ball like Collin (Barber) did that one that was downed inside the 1, you hope to get the right kind of bounce, and you hope the guys can keep from bumbling it into the end zone. The guys (Damian Swann and Kosta Vavlas) did a good job of getting it on the 1. It might have been the most important play of the game.”

— Richt on the pivotal fourth-quarter punt

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