What Paul Johnson said after the Georgia Tech spring game

Comments from Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson following Friday night’s spring game at Bobby Dodd Stadium

“It was kind of a fun game. I think our guys flew around and had some fun. We got more people dinged in that little spring game than we have all spring. It was the dangedest thing I’ve ever seen. Hopefully none of it was serious.”

On the quarterbacks:

“They didn’t play as well tonight as they’ve played most of the spring. I was a little disappointed the way they played. We missed a lot of open receivers, especially play action. And the ball security – Jay (Jones) had that thing all over the place. He’s going to make something happen one way or the other. But he had done a better job just executing with ball security than tonight.”

On wide receiver Jalen Camp:

“I don’t know if I’d call him a possession receiver. He’s got ability. He’s pretty fast. Right now, I feel good about three receivers. Ricky (Jeune) didn’t play tonight and Brad (Stewart) tweaked an ankle, so we took him out. And Jalen. We’ve got to find a couple more guys. Normally, we try to play with four or five. Antonio (Messick) got hurt before we could do anything. Jair (Hawkins-Anderson) has got some ability. He’s just got to be consistent and not bust plays.”

On Jay Jones’ play in the final possession:

“Not very good. You can’t take a sack. You’ve got to throw the ball away. Now, to his credit, he didn’t have much time to turn around. They were running by both (offensive) tackles. But he can be so elusive that he thinks he can get away from everything. And he’s got to learn on this level, it’s not as easy to get away as it was in high school. And it’s fine to do that when a game’s in regular mode, but in a one-minute deal, you’ve got to throw the ball away and live for another down. Even at the end, he gave Jalen a chance there to catch the ball.”

On defensive standouts:

“I thought Anree (Saint-Amour) was disruptive. Again, you have to look and see who they’re playing against, but I thought Anree was disruptive and made some plays. Shoot, every time you looked up, Tyler Vernon was making a play. You just have to watch (the game video). It’s hard to tell. Antonio (Simmons) was clearly – he and Anree were probably the best pass rushers. They caught my eye more than the others.”