UGA-Nicholls: What’s new at Sanford Stadium

Georgia’s football team opens its home schedule Saturday. What’s new at Sanford Stadium this season (in addition to a new head coach on the UGA sideline):

  • Restrooms on the South side of the 300 level have been renovated.
  • ATM machines no longer are available inside the stadium (but remain available outside the stadium in the Tate Center plaza). All concession stands accept credit cards.
  • Concession pricing on all items has been rounded off to the dollar.
  • Concession stands no longer are offering free refills on beverages and popcorn.
  • A Chick-fil-A portable stand will be located at the top of Section 137 for sandwiches and bottle drinks.

  • A Papa John's pizza stand has been added in the Gate 6 plaza and a Subway stand at Section 139.
  • A "Grab-n-Go Super Portable" has been added at the 300-level Gate 7 plaza. Fans can serve themselves by "grabbing" items and proceeding to the first available register. Vendors include Chick-fil-A, Subway, Papa John's and Sonny's BBQ.
  • The exterior of Gate 9 has been renovated by widening the pathway to Sanford Drive, replacing the previous staircase and adding lighting.

Because of the ongoing construction of the indoor practice facility, the Redcoat Band will move its game-day rehearsals to its practice field, located at the intramural fields off College Station Road.

(Source: UGA)