UCLA gymnast dominates floor routine with hip-hop moves

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Sophina DeJesus, a 21-year-old student and gymnast at the University of California, Los Angeles, added some serious flair to a routine she recently performed during a competition between UCLA and the University of Utah.

During the routine, DeJesus incorporated dance moves from popular songs like "Hit the Quan" and "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" during the moments between tumbling passes, all of which she stuck.

According to the  Daily Bruin, Utah led for nearly the entire two-hour meet Saturday, but UCLA ultimately reclaimed the lead, snapping a six-meet losing streak against the two-time defending Pac-12 champions.

"I love dancing," DeJesus said. "I wanted to end my senior year with a bang."

DeJesus' routine raised questions about whether or not unorthodox moves help or hinder scoring from traditional judges.

"The great thing about routines like Sophina's is that they bring energy and life not only to the audience, but the rest of the team watching," said Samantha Peszek, an Olympic silver medalist and a former U.C.L.A. teammate of DeJesus's. "The only time dance choreography would hurt a score is if it was inappropriate or if they considered it 'sloppy, but most of the time if the entertainment value is in a floor routine, it can only help their score."

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