3 questions with Georgia Tech’s J.J. Green

Three questions with Georgia Tech A-back J.J. Green, who transferred from Georgia to Georgia Tech in 2015:

Q: How did it feel getting back on the field?

A: It was the longest layoff. I’m glad to be back. I’m glad to be playing football again. I’m glad Georgia Tech gave me another chance to play.

Q: How much was it to play a conference opponent and travel that far to do it?

A: Looking back at it, it was a nice trip. I don’t want to go back. It was a great experience. Thank you to Ireland for letting us come over there. Overall, it was a game and we had business to take care of. That’s what we wanted to do, get a W.

Q: What was your comfort level in your first game?

A: Comfort level, I was not nervous. I look at it as I tune everything out. There’s 11 guys on the field. I’ve got to do my job. My teammates are going to do their jobs. We just have to go out and execute. I feel like I can get a whole lot better.