Paul Johnson responds to Bobby Petrino

Georgia Tech football coach Paul Johnson was born Aug. 20, 1957, in Newland, North Carolina. Johnson was hired and introduced Dec. 7, 2007 as Tech's 12th football coach, beginning with John Heisman in 1904. Tech defeated Jacksonville State 41-14 on Aug. 28, 2008, in Johnson's debut as Yellow Jackets coach. Johnson's Georgia Southern teams won Division I-AA (now FCS) national championships in 1999 and 2000. Johnson coached six seasons at Navy and was 43-19 over the final five, after a 2-10 first season. Jo

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson was not overwhelmed with sympathy for Louisville coach Bobby Petrino’s difficulties with reading the uniform numbers on the Yellow Jackets’ home jerseys.

“He ought to get some glasses,” Johnson said Wednesday following the team’s final practice before Tech plays Louisville on Friday.

Petrino said on the ACC coaches teleconference earlier in the day that Tech’s home jerseys – which have gold numbers with navy-blue borders – were difficult for him and his staff to read, making the process of preparing scouting reports and game plans more labor-intensive. The two teams play Friday at Louisville.

“We’re always going back and forth trying to figure out what the numbers are,” Petrino said.

Johnson said that he is not involved in selecting which uniform the team wears. Coincidentally, both Tech and Louisville’s uniforms are both designed by Adidas.

Said Johnson, “Tell him I have a hard time seeing ’em, too.”

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