Mercedes-Benz roof leaking before championship game

The problematic roof of Mercedes-Benz Stadium was leaking in one spot about 90 minutes before Monday night’s national championship game.

“It’s dripping,” Mercedes-Benz Stadium general manager Scott Jenkins confirmed.

A slight stream of rain water was falling on the field near the 25-yard line. It was on the end of the field with “Georgia” emblazoned across the end zone.

This is at least the third event at which the roof is known to have leaked.

Two Georgia players and a UGA official were seen checking out the leak on the field.

Asked last week if he was concerned about potential roof leaks in the event of rain, College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock said: “We have been told the roof is in great shape, and we’re not worried one bit about that.”

The roof of the new $1.5 billion-plus stadium is supposed to be retractable, but it has been open for only two events -- one Falcons game and one Atlanta United match -- because of problems with it.

Update: The roof didn't appear to leak during the first half of the game.