A rendering of the design of the McCamish Pavilion floor, which has been repainted because the gold sections of the floor on the previous design had a greenish tint on television broadcasts. (Georgia Tech Athletics/Praters Flooring)

McCamish floor repainted to improve broadcast appearance

Georgia Tech has refinished the playing surface of McCamish Pavilion to address the curious problem of the gold sections of the floor appearing to have a greenish tint, particularly on television broadcasts. The athletic department made the announcement in a Friday news release.

The coloring issue was a result of the lighting in the arena and how it reflected off the new Tech gold that debuted last year. The cameras used during broadcasts also did not apparently help. The gold was on the center-court logo, in the lanes and on the borders of the court.

Tech has continually run into this challenge, as the same shade of gold can appear differently depending on the material, whether it’s a jersey or a helmet or a basketball court, and the lighting.

The athletic department consulted with experts and selected a different shade of gold for the lane and the center-court logo and also repainted the border navy blue, which is Tech’s secondary color. 

Gold on McCamish Pavilion court will get a re-do