Georgia Tech stories you may have missed this week

Georgia Tech linebacker Victor Alexander led the Yellow Jackets in tackles in 2017, with 60, and had two sacks. Tech linebacker Brant Mitchell recorded 51 total tackles in 2017, the second most among players returning for 2018. Tech linebacker Bruce Jordan-Swilling recorded 34 tackles as a freshman in 2017. Tech defensive end Anree Saint-Amour ranked second in sacks (2.5) and tackles for loss (5.5) in 2017. Tech defensive lineman Desmond Branch produced 3.5 tackles for loss in 2017, the third most on the

Georgia Tech stories from this past week that you may have missed.

ExplorePreseason ACC media poll released

Media voted Georgia Tech third. How the rest of the league looks, and how Tech has done in the Paul Johnson era against projections.

ExploreGeorgia Tech third in the Coastal: Too high? Too low? Just about right?

Mark Bradley’s take on Tech’s projection to finish third in the Coastal.

ExploreWhy more is expected from Georgia Tech’s A-backs this season

A-backs ran the ball 118 times last season, accounting for 18.7 percent of all carries. It was the lowest percentage for A-back carries in Johnson’s time at Tech. The percentage has typically been in the mid-20’s.

ExploreWhat the ACC thinks of Georgia Tech, part 1

What ACC Coastal players think of when they think of Tech.

“Georgia Tech, those guys are tough, believe it or not. Definitely the most physical game of the year upfront, definitely.”

ExploreGeorgia Tech’s new locker room ‘certainly a showplace’

From the functional – cabinets specifically made large enough for laptops, outfitted with power outlets and USB ports – to the technologically advanced – retinal scanners and “self-healing” laminate – the renovated Tech locker room was designed to woo prospects.

ExploreWhat the ACC thinks of Georgia Tech, part 2

ACC players’ memories of games against Georgia Tech.

“It’s just one of those (games), you think back, you don’t remember that much about it other than it didn’t go well. You went through the film and you just kind of hated what you saw.”

ExploreWhy Paul Johnson is ladling out praise for Todd Stansbury

He explained why he’s “really, really excited about Todd.”

ExploreWhat the ACC thinks of Georgia Tech, part 3

What Georgia Tech players stood out in last year’s game.

“He definitely is a general. He facilitates the ball well, he makes good decisions.”

ExploreAnree Saint-Amour explains his excitement for new defense

“It lets you run more. It lets you be a little more free. Once you start to learn the defense more, it’s easier to play fast and try to play within the parameters of the defense, and when you learn what you’re supposed to do, you can make more plays off just knowing.”

ExploreAnree Saint-Amour names best game and teammate, toughest opponent

“I’m looking at Justin (Thomas) and I see him going out for the route and I’m, like, Dang, he’s kind of covered up. I’m hoping that Qua doesn’t throw it because he was about to throw an interception.”

Georgia Tech quarterback TaQuon Marshall rushed for 1,146 yards and passed for 927 in 2017, accounting for 27 touchdowns. Tech B-back KirVonte Benson rushed for 1,053 yards in 2017, averaging 5.2 yards per rush. Tech A-back Qua Searcy had 40 touches on offense in 2017, gaining 347 yards (8.7 yards per play). Tech A-back Clinton Lynch had 31 touches on offense in 2017, gaining 252 yards (8.1 yards per play). Tech A-back Nathan Cottrell averaged 8.2 yards per rush in 2017, gaining 271 yards. Tech B-back Jer

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