Anree Saint-Amour names best game and teammate, toughest opponent

Georgia Tech defensive end Anree Saint-Amour takes down Jacksonville State quarterback Bryant Horn.

Credit: Danny Karnik

Credit: Danny Karnik

Georgia Tech defensive end Anree Saint-Amour takes down Jacksonville State quarterback Bryant Horn.

Georgia Tech defensive end Anree Saint-Amour has one more year in his Yellow Jackets career, but already has plenty of memories from his first three seasons. The North Gwinnett High grad, who shared his excitement for the Jackets' new defense in a story posted Thursday, shared highlights and a lowlight from his time in a Tech uniform.

Favorite game

Georgia, 2016

“It’s like, Dang, the defense is kind of stopping them, but then the offense isn’t really moving it. It just felt like the momentum had kind of died down. I felt like there was probably a point in the game where it felt like, Oh, dang, we might give this one up. But like a good team, at that point, you have to keep on moving on, keep on fighting. I feel like that’s what we did that game.”

On his perspective of Qua Searcy’s last-minute touchdown:

“I’m looking at Justin (Thomas) and I see him going out for the route and I’m, like, Dang, he’s kind of covered up. I’m hoping that Qua doesn’t throw it because he was about to throw an interception. And then he cuts it back up the middle and dives and – touchdown. It’s like, Dang, we just won the game, basically. We’ve just got to stop them one more time.”

Least favorite game

Miami, 2017

“I feel like that’s just a game that really hurt the most. Just being so close to winning. It was a great game, just competition-wise and everything – the rain pouring down and everything like that. But when you have a game so close in your hands and you’re on defense at that point and you can make the stop and you fail to do it – I felt like that was probably my least favorite. But it was still a fun game to play.”

On Miami’s game-winning drive:

“Very frustrating. I remember them driving down the field, throwing bubble screens, and then being fourth down and throwing deep and seeing (cornerback) Lamont (Simmons) tip it and me thinking, We got it. We have the win. And then I see them come back down with it and it’s like, Dang. And then obviously they’re in field-goal position to win it then. So I was just kind of hoping that they miss. But it was really heartbreaking.”

Best opponent

Georgia offensive tackle Isaiah Wynn

“I felt like he was really strong. He’s really strong and he had great feet. (Once) he got his hands on you, it was pretty much over.”

Best teammate

Defensive tackles Patrick Gamble and Adam Gotsis

“It’s hard to say. There’s a lot of great teammates. But I feel like Patrick Gamble and Adam Gotsis, those were great leaders on the defensive line, great leaders of the defense itself. When it came down to it, when you needed them the most, they were there, they were showing up. They were always working hard, working extra. They were just great leaders, really.”