Georgia Tech quoteboard

Coach Paul Johnson

“I thought that our guys got off to a good start. Really, when the ‘ones’ (starters) were out there, on both sides of the ball, they were playing pretty well. We got ahead and were able to substitute pretty liberally and let everybody play. It was a good way to start the season.”

On B-back Marcus Allen, who left the game with an ankle injury

“I think he’s going to be O.K. They just kind of held him out as a precaution.”

On the play of A-back Broderick Snoddy

“I thought he did some good things. He made some nice runs. He looked normal. It wasn’t intentional (to call a toss for him on the first play of the game). I didn’t know play I was going to call until the game started. I figured they’d be running all over the place so we called a safe one until I could figure out where they were lined up.”

B-back Patrick Skov

On the Bobby Dodd Stadium atmosphere

“It was fun. Once you kind of buckle the chinstrap, you kind of get lost in the football game, but it was a good atmosphere. I think that’s as bigger difference. But I’m glad to kind of enjoy the Southern atmosphere here and hopefully we’ll keep the vibes going.”

On walking down Yellow Jacket Alley

“I think, kind of the walk off the bus to the stadium - I think it’s called the Jacket Walk; I’m still learning. I might have said the wrong thing; I’m not sure - that was kind of my first Georgia Tech football atmosphere kind of exposure, and that was kind of good, kind of get the juice flowing from the fans and get you excited for the game. I think that was the first thing that kind of hit me, like, here we are, welcome to Georgia Tech.”

Quarterback Justin Thomas

On his 13-yard touchdown run to open scoring

“It was a play-action pass and they covered it up pretty well, so I just saw a lane and tried to make a play.”

B-back Marcus Marshall

On his two touchdowns

“The first one, it was kind of crazy. I was really excited. When I saw it open up like that, I really just kind of ran straight. The same deal with the second one. My o-line did a great job on both of those. They made my job easy. I really just outran people.”

Alcorn State coach Jay Hopson

“Give Georgia Tech all the credit. They’re an outstanding team, and they proved why they’re the Orange Bowl champion and a playoff-contending football team today. I thought it was a very physical football game. They executed on a high level. I was proud of our football players. We fought for 60 minutes tonight.”