Georgia Tech player post-game quotes

BLACKSBURG, VA - NOVEMBER 12: Defensive back Lance Austin #17, linebacker P.J. Davis #40, and defensive back Corey Griffin #14 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets react with teammates defensive lineman Antonio Simmons #93 and defensive end Rod Rook-Chungong #41 in the second half against the Virginia Tech Hokies at Lane Stadium on November 12, 2016 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Georgia Tech defeated Virginia Tech 30-20. (Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images)

Quotes from Georgia Tech’s post-game interviews following the Yellow Jackets’ 30-20 win over No. 14 Virginia Tech

B-back Marcus Marshall

“A lot of the other games I’ve played this year, it wasn’t quite as opened up inside. Today, obviously, there were some holes to be hit. That was the biggest thing. They had good players out there, talented guys, but we got the best of them.”

Defensive tackle Patrick Gamble

“Every time we just went out on the field, we knew we needed to get a stop. We played like we were down. Basically, when you do that, you give yourselves a chance to win.”

On the injuries:

“Next man up. That’s what you get your scholarship for, to come to Georgia Tech and play.”

Quarterback Matthew Jordan

“Defense played their hearts out. I think it’s the best game they’ve played all season. Once they kept giving me the ball, I knew we could do something.”

Center Kenny Cooper

On seeing Jordan and Marshall running down the field for long scores:

“It’s probably the greatest feeling ever because then you don’t have to keep doing more plays.”

Cornerback Lawrence Austin

On Virginia Tech quarterback Jerod Evans:

“He’s a great quarterback, but d-line and linebackers – secondary, we’re just playing off those guys. Those guys had him fidgeting the whole game, so I’m just very proud of the d-line, linebackers.”

On the North Carolina game:

“It was just an embarrassing feeling, just knowing that the defense didn’t help out the offense last week. We put on a horrible showing. It just drove a fire inside ourselves. Mostly, we just wanted to help the offense out as much as we could.”

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