Georgia Tech commit recruited some by AJ Gray

When punter Pressley Harvin went on a junior day visit to Georgia Tech, he was paired with Tech defensive back AJ Gray.
Little did Gray know how much of an impact he had on Harvin considering Tech.
With Tech’s rigorous academic demands, some recruits might be scared off from becoming a Yellow Jacket — but not Harvin.
“I was asking him questions about how can you maintain all of this at one time and he just give me answers like, ‘You just stick with it and make sure you do everything the best you can,” Harvin said. “He said it’s really not that hard when you get used to it and all of that because it’s just like every day life. He taught me that school isn’t as hectic as people think it is, especially playing football on top of it.”
Harvin became the first commit in the Yellow Jackets’ 2017 signing class in March soon after his junior day visit. When Harvin steps on the campus in the summer, he’s looking forward to finally being teammates with Gray.
“He was kind a relaxed, just like how I am and he really showed me how to be a student athlete,” Harvin said. “AJ was the first player who I got to know from the team when I went on my junior day visit. He took me around and I got to connect with him a lot.”

Along with Gray, Harvin is looking forward to playing with South Carolina running back Jerry Howard who committed to Georgia Tech in November.
“We played in the Shrine Bowl together and me and Jerry, we connected pretty well,” Harvin said.
Howard is the only other commit in Tech’s 2017 signing class from South Carolina.