Georgia State finished 2014 with fund-raising record

Georgia State’s athletic association finished 2014 with its six best weeks for fundraising that didn’t include a major gift.

The Panther Athletic Club, the name of the association, received $240,000 in November and December. That was three times as much received in the same months in 2013. The $240,000 is expected to cover the cost of 7.6 scholarships.

Additionally, the PAC grew by 228 members during the six-week span and closed the year with 950 members, its second highest total since the start of football in 2010.

The PAC is trying to reach 2,000 members by July 1, 2017.

“Having (athletic director) Charlie Cobb is obviously a huge part of it, but one thing we also did is put out a clear vision and goal of reaching 2,000 members, which made people decide to step up and be a part of building something great,” Rob Clark, senior associate athletics director, said. “People ask ‘Why?’ and want to understand what their gifts will be used for, and the answer is supporting student-athlete scholarships. Providing that context helped them want to become more involved and truly support our student-athletes.”

Clark thinks the momentum will continue through the next few months as Georgia State continues to devise ways to try to create a more personal connection to alumni and fans.

The athletics department will hold a spring caravan during which select head coaches and Cobb will go around the metro Atlanta area to meet alumni groups.

“We’re making incremental steps with a clear goal in mind and people want to be a part of it,” Clark said.