Dwyer sits out Tech's afternoon practice

Georgia Tech B-back Jonathan Dwyer left the practice area Monday morning with what coach Paul Johnson called a minor hip flexor but Dwyer returned to the field a few minutes later. He sat out the afternoon practice.

Dominique Reese sat out both practices with a tweaked hamstring. Daniel McKayhan missed the afternoon practice.

Because of injuries to Brad Sellers (concussion) and Austin Barrick (knee), the offensive line continued to try different people at different positions. Johnson said he hopes that they back can get on the field soon.

“Got a lot of mixing and matching right now,” Johnson said. “We’re at that point in camp where guys get banged a little bit. Need to find the difference between being hurt and being injured.”

Quarterbacks Shaw (head) and Jordan Luallen (ankle) were held out of both practices.

Godhigh opening eyes

Robert Godhigh’s blocking has been one of the highlights of the first eight days of Georgia Tech’s camp. He has been complimented by Johnson, as well as other players.

Godhigh thought it would be his running, and not his blocking, that would earn kudos but right now he’s just happy to contribute.

“I talked to a few older guys before I came and they said the most important thing before running was blocking, because everybody can run,” said Godhigh, a freshman from Harrison High School, following Monday’s first practice. “You need to be able to block, too.”

At 5 feet 7 and 181 pounds, Godhigh is the shortest player on Tech’s roster and one of the lightest. But rolling out of the backfield from his A-back position, he used his speed to get on the freshmen defenders on Saturday, for example, and cut them before the players realized what was happening.

“They can’t judge where I’m going to be,” Godhigh said.

He is one of several players competing at the A-back position who position coach Jeff Monken said is fighting for a spot on the travel squad right now. Monken said he’ll be interested to see Godhigh block some of the veteran players but he is still pleased with what he’s seeing.

“The thing that has impressed me is his willingness to do it,” Monken said. “He’s a powerful kid. He tried to use the technique we taught them. If he’ll continue to do that, eventually he’ll become a really good blocker.

“Being a small guy like that and being as powerful as he is, lends itself to him being a better blocker than the typical guy.”

Extra running

Johnson said he didn’t like the effort in either portion of the doubleheader, saying it looked like some players were punching the clock. Before the last period of the first practice, the team had to do up-and-downs as a result. The offensive players had to do more up-and-downs during the second practice.

“If I can beat 99 percent of the team from one field to the other, it tells me they aren’t running too hard,” Johnson said.

Quarterback depth

Tech fans don’t have to be reminded what happened during last year’s game against Gardner-Webb. A missed field goal by the Bulldogs would have sent that game into overtime. Tech won 10-7 but amassed just 197 yards behind third-string quarterback Calvin Booker.

Tevin Washington, third on the depth chart this year behind Josh Nesbitt and Jaybo Shaw, said he feels more comfortable with the offense this season compared to last, particularly when it comes to reading the defense.

“I have room to improve in all areas, making reads, making checks, just learning the offense,” said Washington, a native of Wetumpka, Ala.

Extra points

Scott Blair went 4-for-4 on field goals to end the first practice. Johnson said it was the best he’s kicked so far, commenting you could hear the ball coming off his foot. “It was encouraging,” Johnson said. ...Defensive end Anthony Egbuniwe made two good plays during the 11-on-11 portion of the first practice, batting down a pass, and getting a sack. Derrick Morgan also harassed Nesbitt, hitting his arm as he was attempting a pass. ... Stephen Hill made another long catch in the morning practice and caught one in double-coverage during the afternoon practice.