Dooley: Walker still at the top

Former Georgia coach Vince Dooley isn't quite ready to say that Tim Tebow is the best player in SEC history:

"He compares right along with Herschel because both of them won Heisman Trophies and both won national championships. Both are strong and competitive and all those things. It'd be a heckuva thing to have both of them back there. But in my mind, Herschel is the best, absolutely, and probably will always be. In the final analysis, he did it in only three years. I don't know. I think Tebow, he's very close. He certainly would be and may be right there with Herschel when the season's over. It'd be hard to deny him walking in the same steps in four years of what Herschel did in three years."

-- Ken Sugiura