'Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate' goes viral

Hate brings out the best in people.

Hostilities betweent Georgia and Georgia Tech date back to 1893 when the school's first met on the football field. The first shot in the smack talk was fired by Georgia Tech with its fight song "I'm a Ramblin' Wreck," which includes the words "To hell with Georgia" back in 1908.

In retribution, Georgia fans change the last line to "Glory, Glory," the unofficial fight song, to "To hell with Georgia Tech" during Tech games.

It's "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate."

Nowadays, the disdain pours onto social media, where fans but creative spins on their dislike for eack other. You can follow some of the hate in our #UGAvsGT Twitter tracker.

For some highlights on how fans put their personal touch, here's a look at some of the "cleaner" tweets of hate:

@TheRegularGuys @houseofwachs @SouthsideSteve @TimAndrewsRG I get you think it's fun to rip on GT but lets be honest pic.twitter.com/ABhKKaVIkr

Just some clean old-fashioned hate. #THWg pic.twitter.com/9WbeYK9P9V

You people have too much free time. #mutthurt #THWg pic.twitter.com/BnS8sL6sEQ

Today's #HateWeek post is a throwback. #THWg pic.twitter.com/OxBAe7b6kU

What has 1,000 legs and 6 teeth? Row 1 of Sanford Stadium. Happy Hate Week!  #THWg #cleanOldFashionedHate

It's the start of hate week #WreckTech pic.twitter.com/sk0Y1oM6KY