British Open champ Cink buys area family dinner

Peachtree City fans send champagne, which golfer's party drinks from Claret Jug

A simple dinner and a movie turned into a night to remember for the Yarbrough family of Peachtree City.

Elaine, husband Rudy, daughter Lilly and son Evan were eating at Houston's restaurant on Lenox Road on Monday when they were told that a party would soon be entering the room.

Elaine told the hostess that was fine.

Soon, in walked Stewart Cink, his family and a group of friends, ready to celebrate his win at the British Open on Sunday.

Elaine said they watched the Open on Sunday, but didn't recognize the Cinks. A few minutes later, Lilly recognized Stewart and they saw the Claret Jug.

"They were the nicest, classiest party for a group that large," Elaine said.

Because the Cinks thought they were disturbing the Yarbrough's dinner, they offered to pay for their dinner.

In return, Rudy sent over some champagne, which the Cink group drank out of the Jug.

Stewart came over and chatted with the family for a few moments afterward.

The Yarbroughs were only at the restaurant because they wanted to see the movie "The Hurt Locker" at a nearby theater.

As they walked into the restaurant Elaine said she saw a van that was loaded with golf bags, but didn't think much of it.

She said it turned into "a really fun experience."