Favorite play: Vad Lee, Georgia Tech

Quarterback Vad Lee

He gave his favorite play from last season: a 32-yard touchdown pass vs. North Carolina on Nov. 10. He described the play — trips left 370 vertical — in almost flag-football fashion:

“Basically every receiver streaks down the field, and I choose the one I want to throw to.” He looked first to the right sideline to 6-foot-6 target Darren Waller. He was covered. “So happened my best matchup was the shortest guy on the team (5-7 A-back Robert Godhigh),” Lee said. The play wasn’t simple. Lee threw the ball to the middle of the end zone. “I was a bit late with the throw, but had enough behind it to get it to (Godhigh). He just made me look good by going up and snagging it over two players — the shortest guy on the team.”