Coach Mark Richt

Coach Mark Richt describes his favorite play:

“70X-Takeoff is one of my favorite plays we’ve run at Georgia, where we hit Michael Johnson against Auburn (in 2002). Same thing with P44-Haynes (against Tennessee in ’01); I’ll always love that one. But I don’t know if I have a favorite play, per se. I like touchdown plays. My favorite plays are always the ones that are executed the best. I like plays where you see a weakness on film and you decide, ‘if they get into this look, we’ll run this play’ and you score on it. Or you’re in a game, the defense presents itself, the quarterback gets to the right check, everybody does what they’re supposed to do and then you score. It’s not any one given play. It’s just that play that you do right and you catch it just right that gets me excited.”