The Braves victory over Los Angeles to win the National League championship is spotlighted in the Sunday epaper edition of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Under a keepsake headline, “Bravo! Braves back in World Series!,” readers will find exclusive stories, photos, the full box score and a look at what’s next as preparation begins for the World Series in the Braves After the Game section.

You can also find more coverage on the sports page of and in print and ePaper editions on Monday.

For subscribers: In your Sunday ePaper: Turn to the Braves After the Game section, where you’ll find the score – and a whole lot more – after this and every Braves playoff game.

Credit: AJC ePaper

Credit: AJC ePaper

Credit: AJC ePaper

Credit: AJC ePaper


Our “PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999″ page, which appeared exclusively on Sunday morning’s edition of the ePaper, was a big hit with readers. On Tuesday, you’ll find a copy of this collectible front page in our special World Series section. The special section will be included in Tuesday’s newspaper. If you don’t receive home delivery, the newspaper is sold at outlets across metro Atlanta.


What’s next: World Series schedule for the Braves

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