Bill Belichick: Super Bowl win was ‘close to a miracle’

Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick called the New England’s 19-point fourth-quarter comeback against the Atlanta Falcons somewhat of a miracle.

On CNBC’s ‘Power Lunch’ on Thursday, Belichick was asked what the Super Bowl comeback felt like.

“Close to a miracle, I mean we had one of those great catches go in our favor and we’ve seen them go another way in other games so that was kind of a miracle,” Belichick said.

Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman’s “great catch” happened on first-and-10 with 2:28 remaining in the game. The Falcons led 28-10.

In the interview, Belichick said he’s still processing the win. The Patriots’ coach said he even watches the game from time to time to “make sure” the outcome was real.

Belichick was also asked if there was a point in the game when he though the Patriots were too far behind to win.

"It was funny, it was one of those games where we didn't have control of the score, but I didn't feel like we had lost control of the game," Belichick responded. "We could move the ball, we were able to stop them on third down. We were able to do things, but the scoreboard was very much against us. You know it all fell in place for us at the end which it had to if one thing had gone wrong we would have probably come up short."
The Falcons led the Patriots 28-9 entering the fourth-quarter.

CNBC’s full interview can be seen below.