With Hawks, Korver not ‘waiting’ for shots

Kyle Korver recently gave a little insight into his shooting prowess in the Hawks’ offensive system. Korver ranks first in the NBA in 3-point field goal percentage (.525), second in free-throw percentage (.917), and 22nd in field goal percentage (.506). Among qualifiers, he is the only player in the league shooting at least a 50 percent field goal and 3-point field goal percent and a 90 percent free-throw percentage.

“This is great for me,” Korver said of the Hawks’ system. “I feel like what has helped me a ton is I’m not just waiting for shots. I get to search them out a little bit. As a shooter, that really helps you. It really helps you when (you are not wondering) is the ball going to find me this quarter? Is it not? Here, even if I don’t come off a screen, I set the screen. Again, feeling like you matter every single time down the court, it helps you as a basketball player.”

In quest of the 50-50-90 plateau, Korver said there is a lot of season left to play but that he will continue to “try to make every shot I take.”