NBA reports two incorrect calls in Hawks win at Bulls

There were two incorrect calls in the final two minutes of the Hawks’ 102-100 win at the Bulls Monday, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minutes Report issued Tuesday.

Both incorrect calls benefitted the Bulls.

According to the report, Taj Gibson should have been called for a foul on Paul Millsap with 1:32 remaining and the scored tied at 93-93. Millsap missed an eight-foot jumper and Gibson was credited with a blocked shot. The report read: “Gibson (CHI) makes contact with Millsap’s (ATL) body that affects his shot attempt.”

Gibson should have been called for an offensive foul against Jeff Teague with 54.5 seconds left and the Hawks leading 94-93. The report read: “Gibson (CHI) continues moving as he sets the screen on Teague (ATL) without giving him room to avoid the contact.”

All other 13 plays reviewed in the final two minutes were either the correct call or the correct non-call. That included Millsap’s foul on Jimmy Butler’s 3-point make with 19.6 seconds remaining. The four-point play brought the Bulls to within a point at 98-97 before the Hawks won the game at the free-throw line.

The NBA reviews and issues a report for game’s within five points at the two-minute mark.