Hawks fans react bitterly to Kyle Korver trade

Credit: Gerald Herbert

Credit: Gerald Herbert

The Atlanta Hawks were finalizing a deal that would send forward Kyle Korver to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

News broke during the Hawks' 99-94 win over New Orleans that Atlanta would receive a 2019 protected first-round pick and Mike Dunleavy from Cleveland. (The deal is not yet, official.)

Korver himself said after the game that he had "mixed emotions" about the move. His Atlanta teammates were emotional describing their relationship with Korver.

Hawks fans had a few things to say, too. Some took to Twitter to unleash their disapproval and commiserate:

🙌🏾😩MoBarry 7️⃣
If the Korver trade is real, I'm moving. Not kidding.Carol
If Korver is gone then I demand my last two payments for season tickets be waived
🙃katie pollard 🖤
Me watching Kyle Korver talk about leaving Atlanta https://t.co/LqWQkZFdjMChris Fuhrmeister
Or double up on the news...Korver gets traded to Cleveland but can't leave to join team because of SnowmageddonJon M Chuckery
No @ATLHawks player will ever personify 'True to Atlanta' better than Kyle Korver. His presence alone has improved the city and its people.Jay Edlin
It's official the @ATLHawks are the dumbest organization ever. Traded korver for dunleavy? Def not going to the playoffs lmaoFREETWIN FREEBUBS
Hawks on a five game win streak
😃 ...but... Kyle Korver is being traded 🙁 Paul Millsap prolly next ☹️ Trump 😭Evan Tucker
Also, RIP Korver Kounter :(
🔥🔥🔥Matt H
Won't be the same at Hawks games without hearing "Kyle Korver for THREEEEEEEEE" #ATLHawks #kylekorverDavid Thrower
I wanna korver counter one last time
🔥🔥😭warren buffet 🍾💯
Korver Kounter:
I've moved into the highkey salty stage of the @KyleKorver trade. WHY @ATLHawks now we dont get anymore Korver
🔥fire tweetsTHE CW
Well Kyle Korver's not going to have to work NEARLY as hard for open looks from 3 nowJared Turner
Although it may hurt, I'm gonna have to cop a Korver Cavs jersey. Nothing but respect for the dude.Larry Meisner
im pull up to Phillips Arena tomorrow bruh and ima need whoever made this deal to trade Korver to come run this fade like for real bruhBlack Kojima.
I guarantee Commissioner LeBron coordinated this Kyle Korver tradeTerryon
I think it says a lot about Korver's character that he is still on the bench cheering on the @ATLHawks
Just seeing Korver on the bench is heartbreaking.Charles Astin
Someone tell Korver he's been traded! I can't take watching him cheer on the bench. It hurts.Ryan Jones
I can't believe the Hawks treated Korver this way.Darling Nikki
@SportTaIkJoe I won't burn my Korver jersey. He's a good guy and I'm really sad he's leaving the #Hawks.DADDY ICE
Noooo not Korver
😢 https://t.co/Q0XMqklWJzMonica Garcia
Hey @cavs I'll trade my roommates for KorverDAD
Hawks could use a Korver 3 right about now, just sayin'Ryan Jones
So The Cavs Got Kyle Korver ... He Dies Have A Burner!!!O.G (ORIGINAL GEEK)
Hawks moving Korver to Cleveland, maybe Milsap next #BringBackDannyFerryH
Atlanta Hawks: Trade Korver former NBA All Star to @cavs is it another bad move by the franchise?Coach Carter
@mmonast ha! All in good fun. I'd love to see Korver get a ring.Parrish Walton
RJ Hunter would be the PERFECT Korver replacement. Do it @ATLHawks PantherFamily #GoThersBryan McNatt