Hawks-Celtics Quoteboard

What they said after the Hawks’ 106-93 loss to the Celtics Friday:

"I think their physicality is something that they are known for. (Jared) Sullinger is a big guy. Amir (Johnson) is a good rebounder. Conversely, it's one of our weak points. We have to do a better job rebounding the ball. It's an emphasis for us. For us to continue to improve, that's going to be key going forward." - Assistant coach Kenny Atkinson on Hawks' rebounding issues

"I don't know if there was a big change (in the third quarter). I think we stuck with what we were trying to do. We tried to make some good adjustments. We just didn't play very good. Sometimes that happens. I thought we made some mistakes that really hurt ourselves. We left some shooters open for shots at the end. I think that's the part that is most frustrating. We got ourselves back in position to win. As we try to grow and be a veteran team, we need to be good at the end of games." - Kyle Korver on loss

"They were switching ball screens. Usually, Dennis had a mismatch when a big was guarding him. I just tried to get in pick-and-rolls and space out and he attacked. I noticed they were grabbing the bigs all night and trying to get through screens by grabbing them. I just tried to set (the pick) solid." - Mike Muscala on his part of fourth-quarter comeback

"We just played with intensity. The whole game we didn't play with pace. We didn't play defense at all as a team. In the fourth quarter we got stops and pushed the pace on offense." - Dennis Schroder on loss

"Hell no. Nope." - Jeff Teague on whether his left ankle was OK after turning it at the end of the first half

"First they beat us in energy. They were more aggressive at the beginning of the game. I felt we were a little bit in mud on offense. We didn't move the ball, we didn't move ourselves. We ended up playing one-on-one and not effectively. Offense rebounds killed us. We couldn't punish them. When you send a lot of guys to rebound, you can punish them with transition offense. We didn't do that. We couldn't even grab the rebounds." - Tiago Splitter on rebounding issues

"Whether it was or whether it wasn't, we have to play basketball. He is a big part of us. It's tough to see him not there but through it all we still have to play basketball." - Paul Millsap on whether missing coach Mike Budenholzer played a part in loss

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