Hawks-Bulls: Quoteboard

What they said after the Hawks’ 102-100 win over the Bulls Monday:

"After the first quarter, which I think was as much about them as they came out on both ends of the court with activity and energy, and whether that first storm and grind our way through the second quarter. That second quarter was probably the difference in the game. To close out a close game, even with a couple of mistakes, and still find a way to win a close game. I thought Jeff Teague's activity offensively, cutting off the ball and finishing in the paint, just doing everything. They are a very physical team. It's a good win on the road." – Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer's opening statement

"The one rebound seemed like he went up and you feel like he was on top of the backboard almost when he got that. It's tough because your bigs are so occupied with (Taj) Gibson and (Pau) Gasol who are so physical that your guards have to get in there and help you rebound and that was a big one." – Budenholzer on Kent Bazemore fourth-quarter rebounds

"Those two guys attacking, that's when we are at our best and it frees up the other things around those two. Like I said, I thought (the Bulls) were great. In the second quarter our pace and our activity, we were able to turn it. That was big." – Budenholzer on play of Jeff Teague and Dennis Schroder

"The four-point play, we actually talked about what might happen. It was very close to that. They still got us on a pump fake, made the shot, made the free throw. When you are up five, you can't make those kinds of mistakes. That's the one that really stands out the most." – Budenholzer on Hawks' defensive breakdowns that allowed Bulls to get back in game in fourth quarter

"They made that run. Jimmy (Butler) made the 3 and got fouled. That was a big play. That's what happens in games and got us in a situation where he had to make our free throws down the stretch. I though Thabo (Sefolosha) made some big ones, which is great because he went 1-for-2 a couple times before. It was good to hit the ones at the end." – Kyle Korver on Hawks' late free throws

"The one by Baze really sticks out in my mind. He really went up and got that. Those are big possessions. You can play defense great and force them into a tough shot but it's just a back-breaker when they get a rebound off that. We kept talking in the huddle, 'There's going to be a rebound. Who's going to go get it?'" – Korver on Bazemore's fourth-quarter rebounds

"We knew they were going to come out and throw a big punch early. Their season is on the line and we heard they had a big meeting yesterday. They came out and really got on us early. To battle back, we had a pretty comfortable lead there, we probably should have done a better job of putting them away. They have a lot of talented players over there. They made a nice run. But we were able to hold on. Those are the things you have to be able to do in the playoffs." – Korver on Hawks' comeback

"Our defense was great all night. Guys are going to make shots. They have a lot of talented players over there. They made some shots." – Al Horford on win

"Tonight was one of those nights you have to chip in anywhere you can. Jimmy Butler was a tough assignment. Paul (Millsap) and I had been battling all night on the boards. Taj Gibson was down there. I got a running start from the top of the key. I just jumped as high as I could because I knew they were trying to get after it. It was a big play." – Kent Bazemore on fourth-quarter rebound

"He didn't want him to ball-fake and jump into me. Bonehead play. Maybe a little carry over from getting him the other night. Can't have those type of plays toward the end of the game." – Millsap on his foul of Butler for four-point play

"We played with a lot of pace tonight. It played into our hands, playing a little faster. Those guys have so many big guys and we were able to get in the paint and make plays." – Jeff Teague on play of him and Schroder

"Just being aggressive. Just trying to get it going and make some shots." – Teague on his run of 12 straight points in third quarter