Hawks-Bulls postgame quotes

What they said after the Hawks 93-86 win over the Bulls Monday night:

Mike Budenholzer

Opening statement: "The team contributions from up and down the roster, on both ends of the court, really allowed us to beat a very good team. I think there was a play when they were in transition and we had four guys go and try to block the shot. I think Kent (Bazemore) and Elton (Brand) and other guys off the bench, I don't know who all four were, but that kind of activity, that kind of effort, that kind of commitment from the group is what is going to give us a chance. Offensively sharing the ball. There were a couple of possessions late, Al (Horford) finding Jeff (Teague) on the cut for a layup. The way we share the ball and play unselfishly that got us some big baskets. Al with a big basket late. A lot of contributions all up and down the roster."

On transition offense, especially early: "We talked about wanting to have great pace coming out tonight. The first quarter, scoring 28 points against a really good defensive team, baskets in transition. Al sticks out to me. Paul (Millsap) sticks out to me. That probably ended up being the cushion that we needed or allowed us to get the win. The pace early was great."

On big men running the court on a consistent basis: "That is our plan. That is what we demand of each other. We talk about it. That is their skill. That is one of the things that make them different. We have a lot of depth. So hopefully, we keep our guys fresh and our ability to pick up the pace on a nightly basis is something that is going to be important to us."

On Elton Brand's play: "To have Elton there, he is an incredible professional. He takes care of himself. He is just one of the best workers and he sets a great example for the entire group. But it's not a surprise to me. The hard part is making decisions when you have lots of guys who can help you and play. We'll see when Pero (Antic) is healthy and make decisions then."

On keeping Derrick Rose out of the paint: "We didn't do anything necessarily different or specific to Rose. Our pick-and-roll defense and our bigs ability to be in a stance and move their feet and keep some of these dynamic guards out of the paint, at least more often than not is something we talk about, we drill, we work on. He is one of the best in the league. I thought at times we were good and at times he was inside us."

Kyle Korver

On getting in transition, especially early: "That is always a priority for us, is to get out and run. We feel like that is when we are at our best, when we play with pace and move the ball from side to side. I feel like we got the win and it's great but we feel like there is still something left on the table. We feel like we can be better."

On jump ball late: "The jump ball that I never should have been in. My goodness that was stupid. They were so wide open under the basket though. And Jimmy Butler jumps 15 feet in the air and gets it. Then I just tried, I didn't even know what happened. I just tried to get in there and tip it somewhere. We got the ball. That was good."

Jeff Teague

On hamstring: "It's all right. I just couldn't be as explosive as I wanted to."

On getting in transition: "We just wanted to play with a lot of pace, get up and down and make it tough on them. They are really big team, a really good defensive team when they get back in the halfcourt so we wanted to make it a full-court game."

On win to start five-game stretch: "Every win is important for us but it's good to take care of home court. The next couple of games will still be tough but we'll take them one game at a time."

Kent Bazemore

On increased playing time: "Practice every day. Study film. Stay in there mentally. It's been rough coming off an injury, trying to get in shape, things not going your way physically. The players and the coaches have been good keeping me sane and stop me from going crazy at times. It's been a good ride. I'm really starting to catch my stride."

Is defense ahead of offense: "Defense is always going to be ahead. That is just what I do. It's that hard hat mentality of wanting to lock a guy up. Defense is all effort. You get your rest on the offensive. That is what my high school coach told me growing up. That is something I've always stuck with."

DeMarre Carroll

On getting in transition: "Coach really preached pace and activity. Try to run them. Push the pace on offense and be real active on defense. That was the game plan going in."

Al Horford

On early start: "It's was really important. There a team that you don't want to get behind. Our pace was great from the beginning."

On key jump shot late: "It was about time. I missed a few of them around the elbow area that I normally make. They kept going in and out, in and out. Percentages I guess, right? I was due to make one and it was a big shot for us."

On effort against Bulls size: "You hold a team to 37 percent shooting there are going to be some misses. They are a good rebounding team. They did get some rebounds. Luckily for us we were able to make enough plays to pull the game out."

Paul Millsap

On effort against Bulls size: "(Pauses to look at the stat sheet) We can live with it."

On plan to run the Bulls: "We executed. There were times we got a little sluggish and the game slowed down a little bit but we got back to doing what we do. That is playing with pace. I feel like that was a big part of us winning."

Elton Brand

On frustrating Pau Gasol on defensive end: "You can't really take credit for frustrating a great player like that. It was a team effort. Guys are digging. Guys are swiping at the ball, trying to make it tough on him. I can't take credit for that. It was a team effort."

On start of five-game stretch: "It was a great way to start. There was a lot of chatter about who we played in the past to get off to such a good record. It was good to beat a quality team like that."