Budenholzer defends final defensive stand in Game 3

Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer defended the defense on the final play of the Game 3 loss to the Wizards Saturday.

Paul Pierce hit the game-winning shot while being defended by the smaller Dennis Schroder following a switch.

As Bradley Beal brought the ball up court on the final possession, Will Bynum set a screen on Kyle Korver that freed Pierce. Schroder jumped out defensively and Beal, being defended by Kent Bazemore, made the pass to Pierce. After a couple dribbles, Pierce hit the step-back winner.

“There was a very good screen set and there are reactions and reads that we’ve been making and playing off of each other all year,” Budenholzer said. “I think considering the screen and the separation, it was a good read and a good decision. Then, I thought the individual defense was good. The help, the contest, from Kent Bazemore was good and Paul Pierce hit a tough shot.”