Survey: Atlanta United season-ticket holders mixed on 2020 prices



Atlanta United’s season ticket prices for the 2020 MLS season are generally slight increases — from as low as $28 for 18 games — from the prices for the 2019 season. As a result, a majority of Atlanta United supporters responding to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said they will renew their season tickets.

Responding to a query on social media, only one of the more than 20 people who responded said they will not renew for next season. The person who isn’t renewing cited a price increase of more than 46 percent from 2017 season to the 2020 season as the reason.

Atlanta United has declined to provide the range of prices for season tickets for next season. The team said there are several prices — sometimes not section-dependent — because they are trying to work with ticket-holders to ensure they can continue to support the team at its games at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The team has 36,000 season-ticket holders this season with a waiting list of 13,000 for next year, according to team president Darren Eales.

The team last season enacted increases as high as 28.5 percent for certain sections, which it described as a one-season aberration as it figured out pricing for a full season in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The increase wasn’t a result of secondary market prices. Despite the increases, Eales said the retention rate from 2018 to ’19 was 94 percent.

Increases for the 2020 season are mostly mild, in comparison.

Total prices for 2019 ranged from $540 to more than $9,000, according to some of the team’s season-ticket holders.

Total prices in 2020 appear to range from $568 to again more than $9,000, according to season-ticket buyers.

"We are United through and through and love nothing more than the energy of MBS on match day and usually the exciting play on the field," wrote Holly Wilson, whose tickets in Section 134 increased from $567 for 18 games in 2018, to $640 in 2019 to $685 for 2020.

Atlanta United will do something new for a group of supporters next season, in sections including 236-238 called the Harrah’s Club, which for the price of a ticket will include dining and beer in exchange for a per-game, per-seat increase of slightly more than $32, according to a ticket-holder. This will increase the price of two tickets from $2,423 to $3,548.

“The $65.65/match increase pretty much is what we spent per match anyway and now that it's all included we'd probably wind up spending more than that for what we'll consume,” wrote the couple, who asked their names not be used. “Our friends with kids around us are not happy though as most kids are probably not going to eat $32.82 of food and drink. So after the math is done, this is a winner for us. Add in that my seats are front row without equivalent in the stadium. Same view as on TV (they're at the top of the section) but with a full view. But it sure as heck was a sticker shocker at first!”

Not everyone is happy with the Harrah’s Club change. Some, on various Atlanta United groups on Facebook, said they will not renew because their children won’t eat or drink as much as the equivalent of the price increase.

The ticket holder who isn’t renewing, and who asked that their name be withheld because of an increase from $900 in 2017 to $1,322 next season, wrote: “It has nothing to do with the results on the field, we love the team and we *love* our section but we just can't afford it anymore, which is frustrating because we go to almost all the games, do not sell our tickets on the secondary market, buy lots of gear and food while we are there and generally try to support the team as much as we can.”