Atlanta United will open stadium to full capacity these 6 games in 2019

Atlanta United’s home of Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be open to full capacity for the following games in the upcoming MLS season:

• March 10 vs. Cincinnati, which is the Five Stripes' home-opener and likely the celebration of last year's MLS Cup.

• May 12 vs. Orlando, which is considered Atlanta United's rival.

• June 1 vs. Chicago, which features Bastian Schweinsteiger.

• July 7 vs. New York Red Bulls, which will be played on the same day as the championship of the Women's World Cup in France.

• Aug. 3 vs. L.A. Galaxy, which features Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

• Sept. 14 vs. Columbus.

Five of the six games are among the league-high 17 times the team will appear on national TV this season.

The team is offering a package of tickets to the six games.

Atlanta United has led the league in attendance each of the past two seasons. It averaged a record 53,002 tickets sold and distributed per league game last season.

The team also holds the mark for the seven most-attended games in league history in the regular season, as well as the four most-attended games in the league’s playoff history.