Q&A: Atlanta United’s Alec Kann

Decatur’s Alec Kann is one of the top goalkeepers in MLS this season through Atlanta United’s five games.

He is second in saves (21) to D.C. United’s Bill Hamid, fourth in shots faced (25) while allowing five goals.

He answered a few questions after Wednesday’s training session ahead of Saturday’s game at Montreal.

Q: Ignacio Piatti is questionable for Saturday. How much of a relief would it be to not see him?

A: He’s a dangerous player, one of the best in the league. If he plays we will be ready for him. If he doesn’t we will be ready for Montreal either way.

Q: You didn’t have any candidates for save of the week on MLS.com, and you had some pretty good saves. That kind of stuff, do you care about that?

A: I didn’t know until you said something to me. I’m more focused on what I’m doing, building myself into form for the rest of the year.

Q: Go through the save against Sebastian Giovinco in the first half, what you saw. When they get that close do you have guess, pick a side and go? How does that work?

A: The one in the first half?

Q: Yes. The one with the hard hands that you punched out.

A: Yes, I was just trying to stand up , not lean or guess either way. He hit it low to my left and I was set well and put it in a good spot with the rebound.

Q: Do you watch the other goalkeeper during the game? Bono’s save on Almiron’s shot in the 60-something minute. That was a pretty good save.

A: Just from a goalkeeper's perspective that was a worldly save. That was save of the week .

Q: How would you grade yourself so far?

A: It’s a process. I’ve had some shaky moments, had some good games, some good moments. I’m trying to build myself into form for the long haul. It’s not about one game, one moment. It’s about the entirety of the year.

Q: Do you feel yourself getting into more of a rhythm, more comfortable?

A: Yes, for sure. Playing with this group more, getting more comfortable with each other. We are able to build something here and just continue to get shutouts and help us get chances to get points on the road.

Q: When two teams that are really good at counter-attacking play each other, how does it work? You can’t stare at each other until one team decides to do something.

A: There’s definitely times when the game will get spread. It’s the nature of the beast. We need to do the best we can and make sure our shape is good behind the ball to break up counter-attracks before they get close to the goal.