Falcons’ Fowler: ‘I’m just getting back into (being) myself’

Falcons outside linebacker Dante Fowler, who had a sack, two quarterback hits, a forced fumble and three tackles against the Bucs, talked to the media after practice on Wednesday.

Here’s what he had to say:

On his sack-strip vs. Tampa Bay: “It’ felt good just to be able to make a play for my team.”

On building on defense before facing the Giants: “We have to keep coming together as a defense and finding ways to get the offense back the ball so that they can score points and things like that. Finding a way to come out with a W.”

On the development of the defense: “I think we just found out who we were. We had some momentum going into it. We knew we had confidence in ourselves and we knew that we could do it. We could probably pull a win out. Then just to see the defense playing hard football that was good.”

On how teach the tipping passes: “I think it’s just instincts and then (studying) schemes throughout the week. All right, in this formation, they will probably do quick game or something like that. So we just want to get into them and probably get our hands up. (Jacob Tuioti-Mariner) did a good job of that. (Tom) Brady actually almost tried to pat the ball back to Leonard (Fournette) and Tewy almost caught a pick. It would have been a crazy play.”

On if he’s back 100% healthy: “These past two games I haven’t been able to worry about lateral movements, getting off the blocks and knowing that if I do a certain movement. My ankle will probably give out of something like that. I’m just out there being able to play. I healthy I don’t have to worry about (any) of that stuff. I think that game last week kind of showed me that I’m ready to go and I’m just getting back into (being) myself. That was a pretty good cool game to start off with.”

On if he’s thinking about the high-ankle sprain from last year: “No, I’m not thinking about it. I just know that it was hurt last year and stuff like that. Basically, going into this year knowing that it’s not hurt and I can do what I want to do. Basically, when I say, that, for instance, me getting off a block and shedding somebody going lateral, it’s more easier this year than it was last year.”

On the Giants offense: “They are a pretty balance offense. They run the ball really well. They can throw the ball really well. They are really good with the RPOs and zone reads. They have a quarterback that can run so you have to be pretty discipline in your technique.”

On New York quarterback Daniel Jones: “You watch film every day and basically see him running 70-yard, 80-yard touchdowns by himself. So, you just know that you can’t let him out of the pocket.”

On what the defense has done well: “We’ve been getting pressure on the quarterback. That’s pretty good.”

On what they can improve on: “Getting to the quarterback more.”

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