Braves to open 2024 season on road vs. Phillies

Fireworks go off after the Atlanta Braves defeated the New York Mets 6-4 at the end of the ninth inning at Truist Park, Tuesday, June 6, 2023, in Atlanta.  (Jason Getz /



Fireworks go off after the Atlanta Braves defeated the New York Mets 6-4 at the end of the ninth inning at Truist Park, Tuesday, June 6, 2023, in Atlanta. (Jason Getz /

The Braves will open the 2024 regular season with a six-game road trip at the Phillies and the White Sox, the team and MLB announced Thursday.

The season opener at Philadelphia will be March 28. The Braves will then open the home portion of the season with a seven-game homestand against the Diamondbacks and Mets starting April 5.

In addition to playing each National League team, the Braves will play a three-game series against every American League team except Boston, against whom the Braves will play a pair of two-game series (May 7-8 at home, June 4-5 in Boston).

The Braves will play 15 of their final 23 games at Truist Park and end the season at home for the fourth time in five years. The regular season will close with a five-game homestand against the Mets and Royals. The finale is set for Sept. 29.

A finalized schedule with complete start times will be released at a later date.


March 28 at Philadelphia

March 29 OPEN

March 30 at Philadelphia

March 31 at Philadelphia

April 1 at Chicago (AL)

April 2 at Chicago (AL)

April 3 at Chicago (AL)

April 4 OPEN

April 5 vs. Arizona

April 6 vs. Arizona

April 7 vs. Arizona

April 8 vs. New York (NL)

April 9 vs. New York (NL)

April 10 vs. New York (NL)

April 11 vs. New York (NL)

April 12 at Miami

April 13 at Miami

April 14 at Miami

April 15 at Houston

April 16 at Houston

April 17 at Houston

April 18 OPEN

April 19 vs. Texas

April 20 vs. Texas

April 21 vs. Texas

April 22 vs. Miami

April 23 vs. Miami

April 24 vs. Miami

April 25 OPEN

April 26 vs. Cleveland

April 27 vs. Cleveland

April 28 vs. Cleveland

April 29 at Seattle

April 30 at Seattle

May 1 at Seattle

May 2 OPEN

May 3 at Los Angeles (NL)

May 4 at Los Angeles (NL)

May 5 at Los Angeles (NL)

May 6 OPEN

May 7 vs. Boston

May 8 vs. Boston

May 9 OPEN

May 10 at New York (NL)

May 11 at New York (NL)

May 12 at New York (NL)

May 13 vs. Chicago (NL)

May 14 vs. Chicago (NL)

May 15 vs. Chicago (NL)

May 16 OPEN

May 17 vs. San Diego

May 18 vs. San Diego

May 19 vs. San Diego

May 20 vs. San Diego

May 21 at Chicago (NL)

May 22 at Chicago (NL)

May 23 at Chicago (NL)

May 24 at Pittsburgh

May 25 at Pittsburgh

May 26 at Pittsburgh

May 27 vs. Washington

May 28 vs. Washington

May 29 vs. Washington

May 30 vs. Washington

May 31 vs. Oakland

June 1 vs. Oakland

June 2 vs. Oakland

June 3 OPEN

June 4 at Boston

June 5 at Boston

June 6 at Washington

June 7 at Washington

June 8 at Washington

June 9 at Washington

June 10 OPEN

June 11 at Baltimore

June 12 at Baltimore

June 13 at Baltimore

June 14 vs. Tampa Bay

June 15 vs. Tampa Bay

June 16 vs. Tampa Bay

June 17 vs. Detroit

June 18 vs. Detroit

June 19 vs. Detroit

June 20 OPEN

June 21 at New York (AL)

June 22 at New York (AL)

June 23 at New York (AL)

June 24 at St Louis

June 25 at St Louis

June 26 at St Louis

June 27 OPEN

June 28 vs. Pittsburgh

June 29 vs. Pittsburgh

June 30 vs. Pittsburgh

July 1 OPEN

July 2 vs. San Francisco

July 3 vs. San Francisco

July 4 vs. San Francisco

July 5 vs. Philadelphia

July 6 vs. Philadelphia

July 7 vs. Philadelphia

July 8 at Arizona

July 9 at Arizona

July 10 at Arizona

July 11 at Arizona

July 12 at San Diego

July 13 at San Diego

July 14 at San Diego

July 15-18 All-Star break

July 19 vs. St Louis

July 20 vs. St Louis

July 21 vs. St Louis

July 22 vs. Cincinnati

July 23 vs. Cincinnati

July 24 vs. Cincinnati

July 25 at New York (NL)

July 26 at New York (NL)

July 27 at New York (NL)

July 28 at New York (NL)

July 29 at Milwaukee

July 30 at Milwaukee

July 31 at Milwaukee

Aug. 1 vs. Miami

Aug. 2 vs. Miami

Aug. 3 vs. Miami

Aug. 4 vs. Miami

Aug. 5 OPEN

Aug. 6 vs. Milwaukee

Aug. 7 vs. Milwaukee

Aug. 8 vs. Milwaukee

Aug. 9 at Colorado

Aug. 10 at Colorado

Aug. 11 at Colorado

Aug. 12 at San Francisco

Aug. 13 at San Francisco

Aug. 14 at San Francisco

Aug. 15 at San Francisco

Aug. 16 at Los Angeles (AL)

Aug. 17 at Los Angeles (AL)

Aug. 18 at Los Angeles (AL)

Aug. 19 OPEN

Aug. 20 vs. Philadelphia

Aug. 21 vs. Philadelphia

Aug. 22 vs. Philadelphia

Aug. 23 vs. Washington

Aug. 24 vs. Washington

Aug. 25 vs. Washington

Aug. 26 at Minnesota

Aug. 27 at Minnesota

Aug. 28 at Minnesota

Aug. 29 at Philadelphia

Aug. 30 at Philadelphia

Aug. 31 at Philadelphia

Sept. 1 at Philadelphia

Sept. 2 OPEN

Sept. 3 vs. Colorado

Sept. 4 vs. Colorado

Sept. 5 vs. Colorado

Sept. 6 vs. Toronto

Sept. 7 vs. Toronto

Sept. 8 vs. Toronto

Sept. 9 OPEN

Sept. 10 at Washington

Sept. 11 at Washington

Sept. 12 OPEN

Sept. 13 vs. Los Angeles (NL)

Sept. 14 vs. Los Angeles (NL)

Sept. 15 vs. Los Angeles (NL)

Sept. 16 vs. Los Angeles (NL)

Sept. 17 at Cincinnati

Sept. 18 at Cincinnati

Sept. 19 at Cincinnati

Sept. 20 at Miami

Sept. 21 at Miami

Sept. 22 at Miami

Sept. 23 OPEN

Sept. 24 vs. New York (NL)

Sept. 25 vs. New York (NL)

Sept. 26 OPEN

Sept. 27 vs. Kansas City

Sept. 28 vs. Kansas City

Sept. 29 vs. Kansas City