Why Bob Odenkirk’s health scare shook ‘Better Call Saul’ medic

Actor shares detail three years after his near fatal heart incident

Nearly three years ago, fans, family and friends held their breath as news spread of Bob Odenkirk’s severe health scare on the set of “Better Call Saul.” Recently, Odenkirk shared a “funny” detail about the incident during an interview on the “Multiple Talking Women” podcast.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the podcast hosts debated whether having a medic on set made them feel safer. Odenkirk then chimed in and said he has a funny story about his heart scare on set in July 2021.

The actor revealed his heart had slowed to a point where he turned gray and stopped breathing. When the medic arrived and saw Odenkirk’s condition, he froze and exclaimed, “Oh no.” At the time, Odenkirk had collapsed and was unconscious, unaware of the man’s shocked reaction. The 61-year-old said he later learned it was the medic’s first day on the job —and he had never performed CPR.

“Weeks later when I came back, he said, ‘I’m so sorry it was my first day, I have been a firefighter,’ — he was retired — ‘I’ve never done CPR. l have only ever seen other people do it,’” Odenkirk recounted.

Despite the initial shock, Odenkirk says the medic eventually performed the life-saving procedure, although others had already started it. The actor suffered what he described as a “heart incident” and was rushed to the hospital. He later returned to work on the final season of “Better Call Saul” in early September 2021.

Odenkirk maintained a light mood while talking about the event. When asked by the podcasters if the incident were scary, he replied it was frightening for everyone else, “but not for me. I just disappeared. I went into nothing.”

In 2022, Odenkirk recalled the incident on the “Today” show, sharing that the whole experience prompted the “Breaking Bad” actor to reflect on his life.

“I’m having a very slow epiphany, even right now,” he told Hoda Kotb. “And the epiphany is simply that my life is pretty damn great, and I should appreciate it and the people around me.”

A heart attack occurs when “a part of the heart muscle doesn’t get enough blood,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This severe condition can cause symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath. Recognizing the warning signs of a heart attack is crucial. If you or someone around you exhibits symptoms, call emergency services immediately.