Tips for introverted nurses to get through their day

It can be difficult for introverts to handle the onslaught of demands at work

Being an introvert can be difficult for many people — being around lots of people can be draining; feeling like you always have to be “on”; forced socializing with co-workers.

Nurses who are introverts “probably feel like you’re spending most of your working days onstage,” wrote.

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The author of the article suggests turning that feeling from a negative to a positive. “Acting the part” of a nurse, the author wrote, helps to differentiate between work and life, and keeps her from getting burned out.

It can also be difficult for introverts to deal with the numerous demands that come their way each day, the author wrote. When it gets overwhelming, the author suggested taking one task at a time. Although it might take longer to get things done, nothing is overlooked because the author is overwhelmed.

As any introvert knows, the best time of the day is your time alone. Find those times when you can while at work — eating lunch alone (when you have time to take one) or even spending a couple of extra minutes in the bathroom can help.

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Maybe most important, the author wrote, is to make time for yourself when you’re not working. Spend time doing things that are just for you, whether it’s meditating, writing or working out.

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