These are the most stressful nursing jobs

During a recent podcast, nurse administrator Vernell Davis discussed reasons a nurse might be written up.The most common was being late to work. .Another reason was not letting our nurse leader know far enough in advance that you won't be able to work.Failure to communicate promptly and accurately can result in a reprimand, Davis said.Behavior issues, such as outbursts or expressing your personal opinions at work, can lead to a reprimand

The U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET database features a ranking of the most stressful jobs in the country, which are organized based on their reliance on “accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high-stress situations.” Of the numerous high-stress positions featured, four nursing jobs stood out for their particularly high stress rankings.

From acute care nursing to advanced practice psychiatric nursing, these are the four highest stress nursing jobs in America, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Acute care nurse

Acute care nursing ranked the highest for stress out of all nursing positions within the country, having earned a 97 out of a hundred rating. These nurses perform emergency medical procedures, including cardiac life support. They also manage patients’ pain relief and provide sedation.

On average, Georgia acute care nurses make $79,440 a year.

Nurse anesthetist

Nurse anesthetist earned a score of 96 in the stress rankings, making it the second most stressful nursing job in the country. These health care heroes manage patients’ airway or pulmonary status, monitor patients’ responses and administer anesthetics.

Nurse anesthetist in Georgia earn a whopping average salary of $178,950.

Nurse midwife

Nurse midwife tied with nurse anesthetist for the second most stressful nursing job, having also earned a score of 96 on the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET database. Nurse midwives provide prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum and newborn care.

They earn, on average, more than acute care nurses, but less than nurse anesthetists in Georgia. The average salary for a nurse midwife in Georgia is $121,370.

Advanced practice psychiatric nurse

Having earned a score of 94, advanced practice psychiatric nurse earned the lowest spot on this list when it comes to the importance of “accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high-stress situations.” These health care professionals monitor patient medications, document patients’ psychological histories, diagnose psychiatric disorders and more.

At an average wage of $79,440 per year, advanced practice psychiatric nurses make the same as acute care nurses in Georgia.