Nurses are saying ‘Yes, chef’ to these shoes seen on ‘The Bear’

Nurses are being influenced by “The Bear,” but not because of the food or professional tenacity. They like the shoes. Seen every season of the show, the Birkenstock Tokio Super Grip Leather Sandal has captured the hearts of both fictional chefs and real-life health care workers.

The Tokio’s appeal lies in its blend of comfort and functionality for “professional environments,” according to Birkenstock’s website. Featuring a clog-like design, the Tokio adds a back strap for enhanced stability. Its high-traction rubber outsole provides sure footing during long shifts, while the contoured cork-latex footbed molds to the wearer’s feet, offering personalized comfort.

On Reddit, health care professionals rave about the Tokio’s closed toe box, which shields feet from spills, and its grippy soles that prevent slips on busy hospital floors. The shoe’s durability is legendary, with one nurse reporting 20 years of comfortable wear.

Chefs, including the fictional character Carmy on “The Bear,” have embraced the Tokio for its ability to withstand the demands of a professional kitchen. The shoe’s easy-to-clean leather exterior makes it ideal for messy environments, whether dealing with sauce splatters or medical mishaps, Food and Wine reported.

“Great for working in the hospital. The non-slip is really nice, and the leather is very easy to clean with wipes. Very breathable compared to other leather non-slip shoes, fit well with socks, and are quite adjustable,” Matt McDonald wrote in his Amazon review of the shoe.

For anyone spending long hours on their feet, the Birkenstock Tokio offers a combination of comfort and safety, one step at a time.

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