New weekly podcast designed to help nurses thrive

NurseDot Podcast to explore personal stories and industry trends while offering advice and support

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Can there be enough resources to help health care workers navigate these unprecedented times? No, there cannot. And now there is one more.

Today, launched the NurseDot Podcast, a weekly series “designed to further’s mission of helping nurses thrive through the exploration of their peers’ personal stories, industry trends, and professional advice designed to serve as support and validation that will help them take control of their careers,” according to the press release.

The podcast will be hosted by Cara Lunsford RN, vice president of community at She has worked in health care for more than 16 years and founded HolliBlu, the first social media network for nurses. It was acquired by in September.

According to the press release, Lunsford will provide “a space where nurses can speak candidly, share stories, feel empowered, and find the tools and resources that they need to make a change in their profession.”

“The NurseDot Podcast is curated by nurses, for nurses, in hopes that they feel thoroughly valued, and that they connect to the stories shared and the topics discussed,” Lunsford said. “These conversations will empower and inspire nurses, deepening their passion for their profession, which will not only help them improve their career development, but their day-to-day experiences.”

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