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New online community is run by nurses, for nurses

Network allows health care professionals to connect with like-minded colleagues

What is compassion fatigue in nursing?

Sometimes the only person who can understand what you’re going through is someone else who is going through it.

If you’re looking for a group that supports and uplifts, shares hilarious stories from the bedside and gets first access to the latest information in health care, nurse.org might have what you’re looking for.

Nurse Network “is a community designed for nurses by nurses,” according to the website.

Although you can meet and connect with other nurses, find mentors and enter contests and events, this new community isn’t just for nurses. The network touts something for everyone, whether “you’re a prospective student interested in nursing, retired from nursing, or even dating a nurse.”

Just as nurses have more than one interest, members can join more than one group — from Memes/Humor to Burnout to LGBTQIA+ Nurses and more than a dozen others.

In the Money Talk group, for example, you’ll find advice for investing in real estate, learn which states pay nurses the best and get tips side hustles.

Joining is simple — click this link, then click the “Join Us” button and just follow the instructions. There is also a referral rewards program where you can win prizes for sharing your personal invitation link.

What nurses are saying

Nurse.org’s announcement of the network included three testimonials from members:

Sibyl E. Vinas Meza, BSN, RN, aka @Nurse.Sibyl: “It’s about time nurses had a space to come together. There are days when you want to rant, days when you feel inspired and days when you’re looking for what else is out there in nursing. You can find all of that and more in this community. As a travel nurse and online creator, this is right up my alley.”

Nursing student Ryan Bohara from Minnesota: “It’s an amazing site designed for healthcare workers to bring us all together after the worst of the pandemic has happened. Shows that we are all in this together and provides us in the healthcare field a sense of community that you don’t always get from your workplace.”

Victoria Nunez, BSN, RN, who is going for a family nurse practitioner degree: “Nurses need a safe space where they can debrief without judgment, receive encouragement from one another, and find fulfillment in their ongoing profession.”

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