How addicted are you to your phone? America by the numbers

The average screen time for smartphone-loving Americans changes from generation to generation

Twelve years — that’s how much time the average American spends on their smartphone in a lifetime. It’s the result of a 4 hours and 37 minutes a day, every day, in screen time use.

That’s one full day of time spent onscreen each week, six days every month and 70 days each year.

Harmony Healthcare IT, a data management firm based in South Bend, Indiana, recently completed a survey of more than 1,000 Americans about their smartphone screen time habits, revealing these reported statistics and many more.

Over a third of those surveyed said they couldn’t go 24 hours without their phone. Fewer than half of those surveyed said they are trying to cut down on their screen time. Of those trying, 27% said they don’t think they’ll succeed.

“Health experts recommend spending no longer than two hours a day staring at a screen, but our new research finds that people spend more than double that on their phones daily,” Harmony reported. “That’s before even taking into account time spent using computers and tablets or watching television.”

Baby boomers were on their phones the least, but they still racked up 3½ hours a day.

Gen Z users were don the phone the most, soaking up over three times the recommended amount each day. They averaged six hours and five minutes.

Millennials averaged four hours and 36 minutes, while Gen X users averaged four hours and nine minutes.

“Nearly half of Americans feel addicted to their phones,” the firm reported. “Gen Z and Millennials feel more addicted compared to the older generations. Why are people drawn to their phones? The top reason Americans use their phones so much is entertainment. Others turn to their phone out of boredom, distraction, and even habit.”