Have you played the word game made for medical professionals?

Like Wordle, you get six guesses to figure out the medical term of the day

At this point you’ve probably played Wordle, the popular word game where you get six chances to guess the five-letter word of the day.

That game’s skyrocketing popularity led to Quordle, where you try to solve four puzzles at once; Octordle, with eight puzzles; Worldle, where you guess the country; and even Heardle, which gives you music snippets.

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Now, there is Wordosis, a medical word guessing game. Like Wordle, you get six guesses, but the number of letters in the word can fluctuate. On Tuesday, for example, the answer was composed of six letters..

If a letter is in the word and in the correct spot it will turn bright blue.

If a letter is in the word but in the incorrect spot it will turn light blue.

If a letter is not in the word it will turn gray.

Unlike the other word games, however, Wordosis has a “give up” button for those who get so stuck they haven’t got a clue what to guess next.

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