Enter now to win prizes during 12 Days of Nurses

Prizes range from gift cards to scrubs to an Apple watch

Although a pear tree would be nice, no one really needs a partridge, right? That’s why Nurse.org’s 12 days of Christmas event includes gifts you can actually use.

Dubbed “12 Days of Nurses,” the organization teamed up with several companies to give nurses some pretty nice presents.

Each day is a different gift. Monday, for example, the winner received a pair of Clove shoes for themself and for nine of their best nurse friends, and Tuesday’s gift was a Figs scrubs set.

Prizes range from a Littman stethoscope to an Apple watch to a $500 Visa gift card.

Have everyone in your unit enter to win Saturday’s gift of 10 Patagonia jackets, backpacks and water bottles.

If you share the giveaway on social media and tag @nurse_org, you’ll get two extra entries.

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